Sunday, September 2, 2012

Obama Did Not Change Washington

Washington Post - Obama Did Not Change Washington
But Washington Changed Him

By Mac Ambo , Ambolonium
Sunday, September 2, 2012 4:01 EDT

Why do I even bother to read this contrived political soap opera trash - when I know it is just content for the diversion of the intellectually minded - as the globalist masters work their evil deeds upon society as a whole, no matter the identification of Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or any other alignment one may choose.

Seeking to assign blame - this entire dysfunctional family commonly known to us as "The Congress" does nothing more nowadays than justify their own
necessity for existence by pointing fingers, while we the public at large get sucked in - and actually try and follow along - deciphering for clues as to who really has it right - or wrong.

And here I am - in the thick of it, knowing that this rhetoric says nothing to the actual problem and that those in power are virtually immune from - the effect - it has on the people - for the common good - the common life - the common experience.

The effect is the issue here - the effect is the focus - and the effect - regardless who on one technicality of facts may be responsible for this - and who may be technically responsible for that - means absolutely nothing when the EFFECT is seen clearly in the bigger picture - and where it's origin is.

The effect, naturally stems from the cause. OK. The cause could not have had the resulting effect - had it not been matched with a coercive group of people - namely Congress - that would sell the "cause" to us. And the common man has been sold debt slavery, carefully packaged and gift wrapped as the furtherance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - the contents are nothing more than lies, plain and simple.

The origin stems from HOW the common man's MONEY was kept by bankers on his behalf and the subsequent misuse of that money. The inception, in 1913 of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, the system of fractional reserve banking (which allowed the creation of money from thin air) has brought us to where we are today. This misuse of the common man and woman's hard earned work (bartering labor for a medium of exchange enable the acquiring of goods and services) has made the globalist elite what they are today. The most powerful and the most influential now own Congress.

Congress, the people that the common man entrusted initially with the perpetuation of the common interest (the American Dream) sold out to self interest. Congress, who have forsaken their responsibility to the common good and slowly but continually traded it for their own good. Congress wants to point fingers at each other and assign blame. The common man can look at Congress in it's entirety and not get caught up in the minutiae - and clearly point the collective finger at them as the people who have perpetuated a system of self interest, and to this day - with little regard or care what the common man truly thinks.

The Globalists are too powerful, the Military Industrial Complex too determined, and the Banksters too savvy to let Congress change things now. The price Congress pays for their heinousness comes in the form of having to live the lie they sell the people they are elected to represent. They are shells of men, bearing little resemblance to true Statesmen and Patriots who once held the public in high regard. Who once held themselves to their oaths. Now, Congress pledges their true allegiance to those who line their pockets with the security of their personal tomorrows - to those who continue to rape and pillage the public coffers and undermine a reasonable standard of living for all. Failure to do so would put these scandalous miscreants of public trust at risk of exposure, and an eternal historical obituary of shame. They know this - and thus at all costs seek to divert blame, and public scrutiny from themselves as either evildoers or one that would associate with such. As they continually and openly do evil and associate with such! They live the lie they sell.

So why do I continually bother to follow this soap opera? I guess it comes down to one reason. Social responsibility. I'm aware of what many are not aware of and I sense a need to do what those in Congress won't do - tell the truth to a group of disbelieving (for the most part) sleepwalkers, keeping abreast of the facts, the players, and the current state of our common affairs. Some, I hope will awaken to what is really going on, and may be influential to others who would appreciate the same wake up call. It is the least I can do. Minding my own business has become a health hazard these days. It only allows the forces of evil - to win. And if not for good - evil wouldn't have a place in the conversation.

No Obama didn't change Washington. But Washington surely changed him.

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