Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to create an Angry American

Coming from the White House itself, Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, so what the hell are we doin there anyway? $$$$$$$$$$$ folks... Corporate government finance by the world banks for self serving profit at any cost. Sacrificing our nations resources our children our freedom our rights and lastly, leaving this countries citizens in a state of financial and emotional shellshock. WTF... George Bush is more Commander in Chief of Propaganda than a leader of what is just, protecting the Constitution of the USA... He's crapping all over it, and laughing his way to the bank... Watch this.. do something, anything - just don't sit there - or he own's your chair too. Mac

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For Chris Crocker - HOMELESS AMERICANS Our National Treasure

Follow up to Chris Crocker's Who Cares About 9/...
Follow up to Chris Crocker's Who Cares About 9/11 and our "STUPID" vid - this sensitive piece intends to cover the bases and show the reality of people who fall victim to many of life's unfortunate circumstances. "On The Nickel" performed by Tom Waits. Hate destroys - only compassionate action can win. Indignation that fuels motivation to do something right for another is how to effectively combat the misery felt by so many.

IF I'M STUPID - Here's How

I must think I'm Lenny Bruce...!


Overdosing on this YouTube Clown!
My remix of No Doubt's "Keep On Dancin'

Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES

This is so shameful to watch just how many people haven't the vaguest idea about such basic info. The ignorance is appalling. Who's responsible?