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This is What's Wrong w/ Wall Street

Curious why legendary hedge fund managers are shutting down shops left and right in disgust with the mockery that central planning and algorithmic short-termism had made of equity markets? Don't be: his name is Julian Marchese, he runs a "macro fund"... and he is 16 and - he says he's been trading since the age of 11!

Someone who has never even seen half of a business cycle starts running your money, and, probably worse, starts making money, which leads them to believe they know what they are doing, and then gets gullible LPs to allocate capital to them based on a 3 month track record, when in reality the entire market is one merely primed for outperformance courtesy of central planner puts and priced to Bernie Madoff ponzi perfection, targeting a specific investor type.

This is what's wrong with Wall Street - and mainstream media outlets who give credibility to the notion that on Wall Street - even a kid can manage your money!

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BREAKING THE SET w/Abby Martin - Episode 17

Murderers Walk, Palestine Statehood for Peace, Cops Data-mine Faces

Julian Assange addresses the UN on human rights

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has called on the United States to move from words to actions, and put an end to its persecution of WikiLeaks, its people and its sources. He made the statement during an address to a panel of UN delegates.

Addressing the representatives of the United Nations' member countries, the WikiLeaks founder spoke of the difference between words and actions, praising US President Barack Obama for his words.

"We commend and agree with the words that peace can be achieved… But the time for words has run out. It is time for the US to cease its persecution of WikiLeaks, our people and our sources."

Assange was highly critical of US involvement in the Arab Spring, denouncing Obama as audacious for exploiting it. He added that it is "disrespectful of the dead" to claim that the US has supported forces of change.

"Was it not audacious for the US President to say that his country supported the forces of change in the Arab Spring? Tunisian history did not begin in December 2010, and Mohamed Bouazizi did not set himself on fire so that Barack Obama could be re-elected," Assange told the panel.
"The world knew after reading WikiLeaks that Ben Ali and his government had for long years enjoyed the indifference, if not the support, of the US, in full knowledge of its excesses and its crimes. So it must come as a surprise to the Tunisians that the US supported the forces of change in their country, and it must come as a surprise to the Egyptian teenagers who washed American tear gas out of their eyes, that the US administration supported change in Egypt" 

Julian Assange also spoke at length about Bradley Manning, the US private accused of supplying WikiLeaks with hundreds of sensitive diplomatic and military cables. Assange accused the US government of detaining Manning without charge and mistreating him, even attempting to offer him a deal in exchange for Manning's testimony against Assange. The WikiLeaks founder told the UN panel that Bradley Manning, accused of 'death penalty crimes', was "degraded, abused and psychologically tortured."

He added that the FBI had produced 42,135 pages of WikiLeaks-related activity, and less that 8,000 concern Bradley Manning, reiterating his belief that the US private is being senselessly detained.
Julian Assange made his address from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he took shelter in June after losing a court battle to avoid extradition to Sweden. The WikiLeaks founder fears that Sweden, which wants him for questioning over allegations of sexual assault, will extradite him to the US for his role in leaking thousands of secret diplomatic and military cables.
The British Foreign Office maintains that it has a binding obligation to arrest Assange once he leaves the embassy grounds. Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, meanwhile, said that allowing Assange to be transferred to the country’s embassy in Sweden would be an acceptable compromise for all parties involved, as he would “remain under our protection while also satisfying the demands of the Swedish justice system.”

The Ecuador FM also said that Assange's right to freedom must be respected.
"I don’t know any case in history where diplomatic asylum did not end in freedom for the person. I hope this will not be an exception in history. Every country must respect the right of the country granting asylum and the person who was granted it."

Julian Assange told journalists present at the UN GA panel that "both the UK and Sweden have refused to offer guarantees" that he would not be extradited to the US, where both he and WikiLeaks have been declared 'enemies of the state' by the milatary, putting them in the same legal category as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
The UK and Sweden have remained silent on the possibility of a compromise, though both publicly vowed that Assange should not face special treatment, whether better or worse than normal, under their legal systems.


SOS - A Shark's Tale' aims to highlight the important role of sharks in our oceans and the need for improved conservation. Sharks are a necessary and important part of ocean ecosystems and yet we are systematically exterminating them for a bowl of soup. 'SOS - A Shark's Tale' takes you on a journey around the world, with amazing footage of white sharks in South Africa, whale sharks in Australia, manta rays in Thailand and much much more.

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Leaked Footage - Colorado County Clerk Registering Only Romney Voters

County Employee On Taxpayer Time 
Instructed To Register Voters Only For Mitt Romney

Explaining The Hypocrisy of the USA Regarding the MEK.


This is one of the best segments that I have seen yet on this show - or any other for that matter - regarding EXPLAINING THE HYPOCRISY concerning MEK. 

The People's Mujahedin of Iran or the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MEK, also PMOIMKO) is a militant revolutionary Iranian organization that was one of the leading participants of the 1979 Revolution that overthrew the Pahlavi Shah. It is now an opposition movement in exile, that advocates the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

CanadaIraq and Iran designate the MEK as a terrorist organizationThe European Union and the United States formerly listed the MEK as a terrorist organization, but this designation has since been lifted, first by the Council of the European Union in 26 January 2009 (following what the group called a “seven-year-long legal and political battle”), then by a decision by U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on 21 September 2012.

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It's Good For You! (Original Song)

Aimed at waking people up to the phony right-left election paradigm, this video is spot on! So please pass it around - share it with friends and others!

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9-7-12. Important Silver Updates. - Gregory Mannarino

Episode 4 - Breaking The Set with AbbyMartin

Corporate Personhood and unregulated political donations, Interviews Dr. Wilmer Leon about what he calls a Coup D'Etat of American Democracy, exposes truths about Bahrain through today's Hero Amber Lyon, and reveals Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir as today's Villain for his crimes against humanity, talks to RT Web Producer Andrew Blake about how taking a picture might land you in an interrogation room, and calls out GMO giant Monsanto for their agricultural mis-practices.

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Episode 2 - Breaking The Set

Abby Martin's rant on the Status Quo! Refreshing!!!
Episode 2 - Breaking The Set
Media Propaganda, Rachel Corrie, Bill Nye, iPhone Spying

Obama Can't Fill Stadium, Opts For Arena

Obama handlers downsizing the venue where he will give his acceptance speech - from the 74,000 seat Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Arena with little over 20,000 seats because they are afraid of empty seats being shown across of America.

As Adam Kokesh reports, it's bad for the imagery - because as everyone knows - this is a show and imagery is everything... And he is right... Just a show... from a tired looking worn down grey hair headed actor and puppet who has been used like a rag doll by his masters... It's amazing the toll that it takes after just 4 years - some things just cannot be hidden. Price paid for selling out. Price paid for delivering zero - on promises made in 2008.

Obama (and I'll make this prediction here and now) is not going to be the PR puppet for the Global Corporatists come November. His time is over;. I believe he knows it - and as he fades into the historical hallway of Presidents past, he'll put up a fight - but in the end - it will be a fresher pair of faces, new PR puppets - preaching the same corporate agenda.

Romney will likely take 320 or more EC votes - easily 100 more than Obama will win... But in the end - it doesn't really matter... The bureaucrats will deliver more oppression and more restrictive freedoms - to America - as planned.

And we can thank the 635 puppets of Congress for that. The entire system needs to be revamped - and replaced with people who if nothing else, can deliver on - telling the truth.

Breaking The Set Debuts on RT America

Breaking through left/right paradigm!

Breaking the Set - RT America

New show on RT America hosted by Media Roots founder, Abby Martin!

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Mac Ambo - Personal Message

The power of exponential communication and persistence can pay off in awakening others.

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It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.
It's not enough to be smart; you have to actually know things.

The Next Joe Arpaio? & A.G. Eric Holder 'Incompotent'

Joe says he's still working on getting the dope on Obama and his Birth Certificate... But anyone can be President - anyone... just make sure you know who your boss is,  the ventriloquist!  Romney is a great family man - for a puppet...

The era of cheap food may be over | The Raw Story

 By Larry Elliott, The Guardian
Sunday, September 2, 2012 12:01 EDT

The era of cheap food may be over | The Raw Story

The last decade saw the end of cheap oil, the magic growth ingredient for the global economy after the second world war. This summer’s increase in maize, wheat and soya bean prices – the third spike in the past five years – suggests the era of cheap food is also over.
Price increases in both oil and food provide textbook examples of market forces. Rapid expansion in the big emerging markets, especially China, has led to an increase in demand at a time when there have been supply constraints. For crude, these have included the war in Iraq, the embargo imposed on Iran, and the fact that some of the older fields are starting to run dry before new sources of crude are opened up.
The same demand dynamics affect food. It is not just that the world’s population is rising by 1% a year. Nor is it simply that China has been growing at 9% a year on average; it is that consumers in the big developing countries have developed an appetite for higher protein western diets. Meat consumption is rising in China, India and Brazil, and since it takes 7kg of grain to produce 1kg of beef (and 4kg to produce 1kg of pork), this is adding to global demand.
Farmers have been getting more efficient, increasing the yields of land under production, but this has been offset by two negative factors: policies in the US and the EU that divert large amounts of corn for biofuels and poor harvests caused by the weather.
If the World Bank’s projections are anything like accurate, further massive productivity gains from agriculture are going to be needed over the next two decades. There will be an extra 70m mouths to feed every year, which will result in a 50% increase in demand for food by 2030. Meanwhile, the amount of arable land per person will continue its long-run downward trend.
The extent of this challenge has been highlighted by the extreme drought in the US this year. Failure of the maize harvest – down by more than 100m tonnes on what was expected – has had a knock-on impact on wheat, which has not been affected by the lack of rain. Prices of both crops have jumped by $100 a tonne this summer. The latest data from the World Bank showed that food prices rose 10% between June and July and have now exceeded the previous peak in early 2011.
It will take time for these increases to have their full impact on consumers. In the short run, the cost of meat will not be affected because there is glut caused by livestock owners slaughtering their herds in order to save money on expensive feed. But by the end of the year, food will be dearer.
Central banks are unlikely to tighten policy in response to higher inflation, since the increase is seen as an external shock that will have a depressing effect on the spending power of consumers. They should not, however, assume that the spike will be a one-off, since grain stocks are at such low levels that bad harvests in 2013 would see rocketing prices, probably accompanied by panic-buying, export bans and food riots.
A recent report from Oxfam said the US should expect further severe droughts in the coming decades. “The US experienced $14bn-dollar disasters in 2011 – an historical record – including a blizzard, tornadoes, floods, a hurricane, a tropical storm, drought and heatwaves, and wildfires.” The current year has already seen wildfires, a windstorm, heatwaves in much of the country and the most severe drought in half a century.
This seems to be an apt moment for the west to reassess the wisdom of biofuels. The US ethanol distilleries used 120m tonnes of maize in 2011 and there have already been calls from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation for the reduced maize crop to be used for human food. There is also growing political opposition in the US to the country’s Renewable Fuel Standard, which mandates 15.2bn gallons of biofuels for 2012, of which 13.4bn gallons can come from corn-based ethanol. Unsurprisingly, livestock and poultry producers have been at the forefront of calls for the mandate to be suspended.
The whole point about biofuels was that they were supposed to be a cost-free and a pain-free way for developed nations to show that they were responding to climate change. Rising crop yields meant there would be enough grain left over each year to turn into ethanol, and this would mean western consumers could do their bit to save the planet without in any way compromising their living patterns. That now looks like a highly questionable assumption.
So what happens next? A lasting solution to the food question will require either action on the demand side, action on the supply, or more likely both. The two obvious ways of limiting demand are to check population growth or to change dietary habits so that meat consumption is reduced. Neither is going to be easy to achieve.
On the supply side, the short-term response should be to find alternatives to biofuels. Longer term, the hope is that the pressures of a rising population coupled with the incentives provided by rising food prices lead to a second green revolution that will dramatically increase yields in those parts of the world – such as sub-Saharan Africa – where they are currently low. One of the few beneficial impacts of high commodity prices is that farmers will be able to afford to buy fertilisers for their land.
A recent study by Fidelity looked at some of the other recent developments to boost food supply, including precision agriculture – the use of high technology to apply the optimum amounts of seed, water and fertiliser for maximum efficiency – and a wider use of biotechnology and GM crops. The report also highlighted what is known as “fast food” from animal cells, a process by which scientists “create artificial meat by delivering an electric charge to the animal muscle cells in a mixture of amino acids, which causes the cells to multiply”.
Given the predicted growth in consumption in developing countries, Fidelity says this could become an “environmentally acceptable option” as traditional meat becomes more expensive. Whether this approach is “environmentally acceptable” remains to be seen. The Fidelity report does, however, clarify one point, namely that hard choices have to be made.
The current assumption seems to be that the world can have a rising population, ever-higher per capita meat consumption, devote less land to food production to help hit climate change targets and eschew the advances in science that might increase yields. This is the stuff of fantasy. It is possible to have more intensive farming using the full range of technological breakthroughs in order to feed a bigger, meat-hungry population. Or it is possible to have lower yields from a more organic approach to feed a smaller population eating less meat. But not both.

To Your Health!


Obama Did Not Change Washington

Washington Post - Obama Did Not Change Washington
But Washington Changed Him

By Mac Ambo , Ambolonium
Sunday, September 2, 2012 4:01 EDT

Why do I even bother to read this contrived political soap opera trash - when I know it is just content for the diversion of the intellectually minded - as the globalist masters work their evil deeds upon society as a whole, no matter the identification of Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or any other alignment one may choose.

Seeking to assign blame - this entire dysfunctional family commonly known to us as "The Congress" does nothing more nowadays than justify their own
necessity for existence by pointing fingers, while we the public at large get sucked in - and actually try and follow along - deciphering for clues as to who really has it right - or wrong.

And here I am - in the thick of it, knowing that this rhetoric says nothing to the actual problem and that those in power are virtually immune from - the effect - it has on the people - for the common good - the common life - the common experience.

The effect is the issue here - the effect is the focus - and the effect - regardless who on one technicality of facts may be responsible for this - and who may be technically responsible for that - means absolutely nothing when the EFFECT is seen clearly in the bigger picture - and where it's origin is.

The effect, naturally stems from the cause. OK. The cause could not have had the resulting effect - had it not been matched with a coercive group of people - namely Congress - that would sell the "cause" to us. And the common man has been sold debt slavery, carefully packaged and gift wrapped as the furtherance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - the contents are nothing more than lies, plain and simple.

The origin stems from HOW the common man's MONEY was kept by bankers on his behalf and the subsequent misuse of that money. The inception, in 1913 of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, the system of fractional reserve banking (which allowed the creation of money from thin air) has brought us to where we are today. This misuse of the common man and woman's hard earned work (bartering labor for a medium of exchange enable the acquiring of goods and services) has made the globalist elite what they are today. The most powerful and the most influential now own Congress.

Congress, the people that the common man entrusted initially with the perpetuation of the common interest (the American Dream) sold out to self interest. Congress, who have forsaken their responsibility to the common good and slowly but continually traded it for their own good. Congress wants to point fingers at each other and assign blame. The common man can look at Congress in it's entirety and not get caught up in the minutiae - and clearly point the collective finger at them as the people who have perpetuated a system of self interest, and to this day - with little regard or care what the common man truly thinks.

The Globalists are too powerful, the Military Industrial Complex too determined, and the Banksters too savvy to let Congress change things now. The price Congress pays for their heinousness comes in the form of having to live the lie they sell the people they are elected to represent. They are shells of men, bearing little resemblance to true Statesmen and Patriots who once held the public in high regard. Who once held themselves to their oaths. Now, Congress pledges their true allegiance to those who line their pockets with the security of their personal tomorrows - to those who continue to rape and pillage the public coffers and undermine a reasonable standard of living for all. Failure to do so would put these scandalous miscreants of public trust at risk of exposure, and an eternal historical obituary of shame. They know this - and thus at all costs seek to divert blame, and public scrutiny from themselves as either evildoers or one that would associate with such. As they continually and openly do evil and associate with such! They live the lie they sell.

So why do I continually bother to follow this soap opera? I guess it comes down to one reason. Social responsibility. I'm aware of what many are not aware of and I sense a need to do what those in Congress won't do - tell the truth to a group of disbelieving (for the most part) sleepwalkers, keeping abreast of the facts, the players, and the current state of our common affairs. Some, I hope will awaken to what is really going on, and may be influential to others who would appreciate the same wake up call. It is the least I can do. Minding my own business has become a health hazard these days. It only allows the forces of evil - to win. And if not for good - evil wouldn't have a place in the conversation.

No Obama didn't change Washington. But Washington surely changed him.