Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama Can't Fill Stadium, Opts For Arena

Obama handlers downsizing the venue where he will give his acceptance speech - from the 74,000 seat Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Arena with little over 20,000 seats because they are afraid of empty seats being shown across of America.

As Adam Kokesh reports, it's bad for the imagery - because as everyone knows - this is a show and imagery is everything... And he is right... Just a show... from a tired looking worn down grey hair headed actor and puppet who has been used like a rag doll by his masters... It's amazing the toll that it takes after just 4 years - some things just cannot be hidden. Price paid for selling out. Price paid for delivering zero - on promises made in 2008.

Obama (and I'll make this prediction here and now) is not going to be the PR puppet for the Global Corporatists come November. His time is over;. I believe he knows it - and as he fades into the historical hallway of Presidents past, he'll put up a fight - but in the end - it will be a fresher pair of faces, new PR puppets - preaching the same corporate agenda.

Romney will likely take 320 or more EC votes - easily 100 more than Obama will win... But in the end - it doesn't really matter... The bureaucrats will deliver more oppression and more restrictive freedoms - to America - as planned.

And we can thank the 635 puppets of Congress for that. The entire system needs to be revamped - and replaced with people who if nothing else, can deliver on - telling the truth.

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