Friday, January 22, 2010


In legal circles, it’s a well known fact that in cases like these the one who first talks, walks. Although I firmly believe that it was Ronalds cousin, Hope Sykes who first flipped and introduced her “friend”, the undercover PCSO, to Misty as a way to get out of her drug possession arrest of Jan 3, (and without letting Ronald in on it) – LE had a strategy targeting Misty as it is believed that she has the knowledge regarding what really happened to Haleigh. Incidental to setting Misty up, Misty herself participated with her brother Tommy, ex Ronald, and friend Brock to facilitate the transactions, all who had no clue as to the true identity of the undercover officer. Hope Sykes on the other hand, facilitated the initial introduction, knowing full well that she too would be “arrested” as well, so as have plausible deniability regarding this, and it will be no surprise to see Sykes walk from this as she no doubt fulfilled her obligation to provide “substantial assistance to LE” as it’s written in the law and often used.

Unless Misty comes clean and does so quickly, her remaining co defendants, obviously furious with her at this point will start talking themselves – and it will be interesting what new light will be shed regarding Haleighs disappearance. With a conviction and a potential sentence tantamount to life in prison on these drug charges, Misty can only help herself by coming clean and if she did take part in Haleigh’s disappearance – the resulting sentence, can, based on the circumstamces – could amount to less time for her.
So for her sake, Misty Croslin needs to “man up” clear her conscience, tell the whole truth and hope for some closure. Her goose is as good as cooked already – so at this point she has absolutely nothing to lose – especially if she didn’t take part – but knows who did.

Also, there is a video on YouTube comprised mainly of audio by an unidentified male suggesting there is an effort by some philanthropic entity to bond Misty and Ronald out of jail. I could swear it sounded like Cobra. This looks be a very sobering and revealing next couple of months.

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