Sunday, April 26, 2009


In its' zeal to uncover the truth, and perhaps save the taxpayers of Florida the exorbitant cost of a lengthy trial which circumstantially clearly shows Casey Anthony to have perpetrated this crime, the State Attorney of Orlando has opted to gamble and seek the death penalty, hoping that in the light of reality and reason, Ms. Anthony might admit to killing her daughter Caylee. This is an all out effort by the State to afford Casey an opportunity to "come clean", and in some sense allow for a dignified end to this dramatic circus that has been playing out in the public domain non stop since July of 2008. Ultimately, Casey may be spared the death penalty after the guilt phase of her trial has ended. And it will end, no doubt, with a guilty verdict. The penalty phase proves to be just as titillating to the public's thirst for knowledge as it will delve into the personal details of Casey's past, as well as that of her family. What I find amazing though, is the fact that by building one lie on top of another, justice can be delayed as each lie is thoroughly dissected ad nauseum causing what can only be best described as "reasonable confusion" under the guise of "reasonable doubt". Cindy and George face the ultimate paradoxical dilemma here, and sadly they will serve a life sentence of shame as their daughter serves a life sentence behind bars, for engaging in the deception, forever remembered as one couple who "couldn't handle the truth".

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