Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Al Jazeera World - Beyond the Walls

You can choose to believe this or not. Pray that you don't have to find out first hand.

Not to digress from the subject of this well detailed documentary about Arab and Palestinian captives who were imprisoned for at least a decade in Israel, and their effort to adapt to life after their release, I submit the following;

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that this fate awaits innocent Americans who the US Government arbitrarily deems to be "enemy's of the state", "domestic terrorists", or any number of other characterizations of anti-American activity.

With laws already in place that give the Government power to indefinitely hold detainees without having to formally charge them with a crime, language contained in the National Defense Authorization Act, this could very well be a story of the difficulties we could face...

It is with that in mind that I urge you to view this video - and should it motivate you to take a stand - or get you to think about how this NDAA can be used in this country currently led by megalomaniacs whose purpose is to enslave you into life long servitude (debt), then I feel that I've done something to spread the message in an intelligent common sense way.

I once spent four months in a jail cell, accused of a crime which i did not commit, and being unable and unwilling to post a $300k bond, I awaited the opportunity for my day in court and seek the justice I deserved - and be set free. During those 160 days, the State Attorney made plea offers several times, yet refused to look further into the case until the trial date -(in which it would have been clear early on that I was falsely charged). I refused to plead to something I was not guilty of - and I, at least knowing what I was charged with, knowing the date of my upcoming trial, chose to wait it out, certain that I would walk out a free man. In my cell of 8, I was the only one certain! Still, during those 160 days, I experienced first hand the treatment afforded to all inmates (the convicted and those like myself, "presumed innocent" awaiting trial) - There was no deferential treatment for anyone. We were all treated the same. And in many ways - knowing and feeling the inhumanity of man (I was actually innocent) towards the non convicts by the correctional officers, the staff in general - it was clear that we collectively were seen, not as individuals with rights - but state property. Needless to say, in hindsight this was a great experience and lesson of insight and cold reality - and when it was finally my day - with my attorney - to select a jury, it was then that the State Attorney looked further into the file folder and saw, and without further hesitation - that there was only one thing to do - drop the charges. Which is exactly what they sought to do. They explained to the judge that the complainant had been found guilty of perjury - lying to law enforcement on more than one occasion - and was most unreliable - yet, to save face, and to avoid liability, the judge sheepishly offered to give me time served if I would plead no contest to a reduced charge - a simple misdemeanor. My lawyer objected - demanded that we pick a jury - and only then, did the judge follow the recommendation of the State Attorney - and drop the charges. I was home that evening. I could not get those 4 months back, but then again - I couldn't appreciate either what goes on in a correctional facility any other way.

Now just imagine - being detained indefinitely, with no charge - no trial date - uncertain of your fate altogether. This is what our Government leaders want. With the phenomenon of "private prisons" - there are many with a vested interest in seeking to incarcerate people without thought of guilt or innocence - without thought of Constitutional rights, save for lip service - for the public's edification. So again, I urge you to understand this video - we don't know enough of these peoples individual cases to truly judge their innocence or guilt - but all were eventually set free - and had to re-adjust to a society which on many levels had changed - and on other levels has not...

FREEDOM - It is to be protected - at all costs. There is no price great enough to give FREEDOM up for. There is no price great enough to give our rights as intended by our Founding Fathers up for.

Mac Ambo

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