Sunday, March 6, 2011



Inside every actor is a closet writer, secretly wishing he could take credit for the words he brings to life. Inside each writer is a closet actor, secretly wishing he could suspend the disbelief and actuate the words he penned. Those who do both are the rare breed - achievers of greatness - they are the ones who can credibly stand and deliver the Charlie Sheenism known as "winning". To put it another way, healthy schizophrenia of mind masters who are neither defensive nor offensive for they are the game, a strata far different than the field on which the player lives.

Wrap your mind around that, Charlie Sheen - and allow the afterburners to cool or risk inevitable burnout. Intentional sabotage and the potential for a successful recovery has nothing to do with winning. You rigged your game. You played yourself out. A setup where one can only hope to break even. THAT should be Sheen's mantra. BREAKEVEN. You dig a hole. Jump into it. Climb out. Filll the hole. No gain. If it cost you time and energy - non recoverable assets - then in actuality - you lost. And it's hard to accept losses when you are an achiever. Chant WINNING a million times to yourself - but what is - still is - and those are the FACTS of your life which put you back on track - so the potential to achieve is reborn. Don't say HOPE is for losers - unless you can include yourself. For the narcissist - it is difficult at best, but more likely near impossible to see through the eyes of another and understand empathism. Actors do it as make believe - and as believable as possible - justified as the cost of fame and fortune.

Beyond the spotlight is where you are truly defined - not condemned - though as you judge others through your perception, you too, are judged, A natural human trait. The definition is the key and the larger the controversy is over it proves out the adage that the "truth lies somewhere in the middle". You cannot ever force your own definition upon someone with the expectation of it being swallowed whole. So, Mr. Sheen - get over it - I mean - get over yourself. Give yourself and us all a break - and fans will pay - friends will stay - and your family will be with you right on through old age and beyond - for them you're defined by their memories. For you - you self define ultimately in the transition period of a moment - your last conscious one - between life and death. I hope you are satisfied with those inevitable thoughts to come. Those before us have been there and everyone else is heading there. If it's what you think about yourself that counts the most, and it is - remember foresight - for that is the vision you need to assure yourself of an inner smile of peace as you exit life.


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